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Animal Bedding



Our 100% pine animal bedding pellet has exceptional moisture absorption and neutralizes odors at the start. When wet, the softwood pellets puff up and absorb more than three times its weight in liquid keeping maintenance cost and time at a minimum. The wood pellets are naturally hypoallergenic and bacteria free, reducing respiratory ailments as well as insect and disease infestation. The softwood pellets are also environmentally friendly and biodegradable.  Once soiled, the bedding and manure disposal can be used as compost offering a secondary use.


We also offer sawdust bedding. Our sawdust is produced by grinding wood chips into a size that will process through the pellet mills to make wood pellets. We extract the sawdust just before it is sent into the mills where it would normally be pelletized. Sawdust is sold only in bulk.

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